Librería R “eurostat”

El paquet eurostat permet accedir a les dades obertes d’Eurostat “R tools to access open data from Eurostat. Data search, download, manipulation and visualization”

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Handbook on Cyclical Composite indicators – 2017 edition

Eurostat i l’United Nations Statistics Division, publiquen conjuntament el manual, “Handbook on Cyclical Composite indicators – 2017 edition. For Business cycle analysis” a fi que serveixi de guia per la compilació d’indicadors compostos cíclics. “The 2007-2009 global financial and economic crises revealed severe weaknesses in the system of macroeconomic infra-annual statistics which prevent a prompt […]

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Programa europeu de formació estadística 2015

S’ha publicat el programa 2015 de formació en estadística del Sistema estadístic europeu. Consta de 32 cursos que són gratuïts. “The European Statistical Training Programme (ESTP) is an essential part of the ESS-Learning and Development Framework. In 2015, 32 training courses are on offer.   Participation in all ESTP training courses is free of charge, since […]

Directrius de correcció de l’estacionalitat

“DIRECTRICES AJUSTE ESTACIONAL DEL SEE European Statistical System guidelines on seasonal adjustment The establishment of common guidelines for seasonal adjustment within the European Statistical System is an essential step towards a better harmonisation and comparability of infra-annual statistics, especially Principal European Economic Indicators (PEEIs). Following the first 2009 edition which has been widely accepted and […]